I'm a muthaa fuckinn princess

my name is Kaya. And this blog is just a bunch of random shit i like.

Weed pic cause why the hell not♡ #gogreen
I know I’m the best, so don’t tell me less♡
I love this time of year♡ •my new phone talks great pictures• #photography #deer #spider #sun
Muthhaa fuxkinn princess♡
What my boyfriend brings me when he gets off work(: I love my TeddyBear♡♡♡ #BestBoyfriendEver  #Spoiled
I’m scared to get close and I hate being alone.
I long for that feeling to not feel at all.
Finna do my thing, bro
When the fuck I feel tho, kid
Fuck yo feelings tho~👑✨💕🔫💰#honeycocaine
The sky is made of me
The stars are made of you
Love is in the air
There’s nothing we can’t do

We’re going nowhere fast
The kids are catching up
We don’t know how to act
We’re having so much fun
And it’s only just begun
So don’t give up~~👑💍❤️💕😘👌
C’mon baby light my fire~ #jimmorrison #thedoors
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